I have acted for over 25 years and performed in numerous theatre pieces as well as select short films.

I’ve trained in Theatre and Creative Writing (Honours) at the University of Alberta with instructors such as Michael Kennard, Jan Henderson, David Barnet and Jane Heather, as well as at the National Theatre School with Adam Lazarus, David Laitham, Tedi Tafel, and more. I’ve also attended workshops in Baby Clown (Michael Kennard), Neo-Bouffon (Karen Hines), the Le Coq method (Martha Ross) and Aeriel Arts (Firefly Theatre in Edmonton).

I work primarily in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, but am often travelling across Canada.

If you think I may be a fit for your production, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To find out more, please see my ACTING RESUME.